MovieBox is your free application which can install with most of the third party applications. What is third party apps ? These applications can install for your devices without Apple App store or Google Play store. Most of the third party applications are available to download for your devices without their rules. Therefore third party applications need to install for your devices without operating system restrictions.

How to install MovieBox with vShare

vShare is app store which is similar to the app store. This store mainly included customization applications. You can follow below methods to install application for your device.

  • First download vShare application for your device
  • Then search as MovieBox – You can see MovieBox app is ready with vShare -Tap Get – Wait & observe process. Application is installing to your device.
  • Now enter your Gmail account information to create your MovieBox application account. This application is not using dedicated method to create user account, So Gmail account is the way to create MovieBox account for your device.
  • Then you can enter invitation code, This is the most important session associated with this application. Because users are unable to get invitation code easily to activate account. This code is issuing by Application development team for users. Therefore all users are required to request code from development team before install application.
  • We can recommend to generate code from your friend to activate account.
  • Then enter generated code to your account. You can see MovieBox app is ready with your device.

What is the best way to download MovieBox ? If you need to download other applications, Better to use third party app for your device. Otherwise use direct download link to install applications. Is this safe for your device ? Yes, These applications are not harmful for any device. vShare is best application which is not included unwanted pirated apps. Use it enjoy with unlimited apps.